Looking to find Boston networking groups

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I am looking to network with more Boston investors and I was wondering if you guys knew of any of these groups in particular.

I am grateful for any suggestions you may have. Thanks!

Hi @Austin Negron

@Jonathan Bombaci and his Candor Realty team run a great event called "Pints and Properties New England". Due to COVID these events have shifted primarily to Zoom. You can find more information about these meet ups by searching here on BP or Facebook for the meet up name. I'll be happy to share more when we connect this afternoon.

Black Diamond is also another wonderful local group - however they have recently disbanded their meetups. They still manage a very active and high-quality FB group.


There's a great event starting back up in Manchester, NH next week (Tuesday night) run by @Michael Ketchen .  I'm south of Boston and I will  not miss one of these events.

I've found my CPA, lawyer, and insurance broker from these events and I can't recommend it highly enough.


That being said, I would really like to get one going locally again.

Thanks @Todd Wheatley for the mention. Hi @Austin Negron we have virtual meetup on 10/15 and an in person meetup in Londonderry NH on 10/22 message either myself or Todd and we'll be happy to share the links. They are on BP under events but it's a difficult tab to navigate. 



Another group is Network to Grow Your Net Worth. Launched in 2019 with three well-attended in-person meetups at Night Shift Brewery in Everett, but on hold since the pandemic hit. We're planning to resume in-person events later this year. 

You're welcome to join the group here - https://www.facebook.com/groups/521535932084098 (the group is also on Meetup, but we're looking to migrate to Facebook because the discussions are usually much more engaged there).