Looking to Purchase Multi Family around Boston

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Helloo Bigger Pockets :-) ,

My wife and I are now looking to buy and owner occupy a multi-family. We currently own one 2 family (owner occupy) and a single family that we rent out as well. Unfortunately we cannot find to much after an internet search that may fulfill our needs.

We are looking for 2-4 unit home anywhere from Randolph down to about Taunton. Ideal areas would be Easton, Bridgewaters, Raynham, or any of the towns around there but fairly close to the highway (since I travel to JP 4 days a week). We would really like the rent from the other units to come close to or exceed the PITI.

We have pretty strong finances and I will be speaking with the loan company today to add my wife to it.

If there are any realtors/wholesalers that knows of any homes that may fit the bill that are not on zillow (or maybe I just missed) feel free to give us a shout :).  

We are also open to any suggestions others may have! Our first two homes we kind of stepped into so we have not really went and bought from the open market before!

Thanks for your time!!!


Hi @John N. Welcome to BP! I generally stay north of Quincy and South of Woburn, but I would be happy to refer you to a good agent in the areas you are looking, or I can help if you want to look at little further North. I actually know of some good 2 families off Market in Quincy right now. My company specializes in Multi-Family investment properties and I manage the leasing for 26 units in Cambridge and Somerville. Feel free to reach out and I'll see what I can do for you!

Hi @John N. .  You're right in my wheelhouse!

My office is in Norwell and I have agents all the way to Fairhaven.  I just did a quick map search and came up with over 100 available.  Let's connect and we can get to work for you.

Thanks Taylor for the information! Unfortunately Quincy is just outside of the area we want to be in. But If you want to forward anyone that may know of some good properties down here that would be greatly appreciated!