ISO Handyman Rec - Boston Area (JP/Rozzie especially)

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I currently have a few clients asking me for a local handyman recs ( for small ongoing repairs on windows, cabinets, etc.), but my husband handles this sort of work on our own properties so I don't have an established pro relationship to pass along. 

Does anyone have a good quality, reliable contact for run-of-the-mill repairs that some buyers or long-distance investors just can't/don't want to handle themselves? Currently specifically in need of help in JP and Roslindale, but Malden and Quincy come up periodically as well. Bonus points for web presence. 

Thank you!

Hey @Kate Ziegler , I've had luck with two companies, not sure if they'll go to JP or Roslindale but definitely service Malden:

Alpha Omega Property Services out of Medford:

Good quality of work, I'm not sure if they'd go down to JP and Roslindale, but they are based in Medford and definitely work in Malden.  My one trouble with them was just how busy they were.  Once scheduled, they do show up!

Another good guy I've had success with is Joe the Handyman:

The one thing about him is that he won't do work where a ladder is required, but has hung cabinets and done small jobs.  

@Kate Ziegler Hi Kate, I follow RJT Carpentry & Tile on Instagram, Ryaan Tuttle is the owner, and he recently launched a handyman service in Boston. I can only speak to seeing Ryaan's work from following along on Instagram because I haven't yet had the chance to work with him (I'm hoping to on some upcoming projects) but you can tell he takes great pride in his work and he definitely cares about his clients. I have emailed with him in the past and he is very responsive.

Here is the link to his website:

Hope this helps.

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