Looking for a good rates for my loan

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I have few projects and I'm looking to start using traditional loans rather than hard money.  One the projects is making two-family into 3 family and I'm going to live in the of the units. I bought the house in 1M plus 800k renovation budget.  I spoke with few banks which offered me around 6% and because I am going to live in one of units, I feel like there a way to make the % to be much lower. If someone knows about a way I can set it up, please let me know. Thanks

JDCU in northern MA May lend on something like that but their rates are 5.5% right now (I just got a loan from them for a less involved project). Unfortunately Bridge loans carry a higher rate that’s more comparable to commercial lending. If you want a better rate you’ll need to finish the project and then refinance into a traditional residential loan.

You might be better off going commercial or working with a lender that does both commercial and residential who can move you through different products (pre construction/post construction). I have a guy at movement mortgage who maybe able to help you with something like that. I use him for my more "challenging" stuff and he has a pretty good batting average. PM me if you want his contact info.