Looking for wholesalers in the Worcester area

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Hi BP,

I have purchased my first home and am currently getting situated to purchase some rental property. I am looking to start establishing relationships with lenders and wholesalers in this area. Any suggestions?


Chris Anderson

Hi @Chris Anderson . What are you buying criteria. I have multiple direct mail campaigns out in Worcester for smaller MFs. Send me your buying criteria (SFH/MF, property characteristics, how much rehab work you want, purchase price range, whether you plan to manage yourself, desired cash on cash return, etc.

Message me your email address and I'll pass along anything that fits. 

@Chris Anderson

Grats on your first home. Have software that can help you with rehab cost estimates if you're interested. Looks like @Michael Sjogren is an active wholesaler in your area so that's one wholesaler.

Michael -not sure what fulfillment you use but we have better rates than most of the big guys if you wanna talk offline. Been hooking people on BP up the last couple of weeks and you seem like an active wholesaler. Just let me know what kinda volume you're doing so I know what type of pricing we can offer (volume discounts) if you're interested.

Good luck guys :) finding deals is important!

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