Shared Well in Granby, MA. Board of Health Being Difficult

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I own 2 adjacent parcels of land on one deed in Granby, each parcel with a single family home on it. Long term buy and holds. I want to do a shared well (private water supply), and everywhere I look on the Mass DEP regulations, there are no prohibitions regarding shared wells. Our local Board of Health is saying they will not allow a shared well "Because we say so." There are no bi-laws preventing this currently. My lawyer looked into it. There are also other shared wells in Granby. Where do I go from here? If I could get the approval, I could save around $8000. I don't think I would spend $8000 fighting this seemingly substance-less prohibition.

@Steve Sapowsky . I applaud your questioning of the "because we say so," and saving $8k, heck, that's what it's all about, maximizing our returns/cash flow.  I am from Granby as well, but in CT. Reason I responded is not because I share experience on this actual process, but I own a home here that has a shared well with my neighbor.  The property I refer to has the well deeded to be used by both properties, and it has always been strong and never been an issue over all these years.  The problem lies in IF this thing ever fails.  Would I work with my neighbor on drilling a new well and share the cost?  Would my town approve it?  With government regulation, and strict health codes, I get the feeling they would NOT allow a shared well to be used, but I am going to stay positive and hopeful that the well will be fine, forever.  A few questions to ask the well company though are about the area and how many gallon per minute the well can handle.  If, for instance, the well only pumps 2-3 gallons per minute, sharing that well might not be your best choice anyway (well run dry).  If the wells are kicking out 5+ gallons per minute, logistically, you are right in that it should be fine.  But the DEP/BOH.. They run the show. Don't give up regardless.  I will be pulling for you!