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Hello BPers!

I am new to REI and am closing on a my first duplex with a partner in the next few weeks. We are starting to look for another rental now. I have lived in Grand Rapids for about three years now and I am trying to understand everything the city has going on to predict which areas might be good to buy in. How can I get more involved in the community? I want to know what businesses are coming into town, which might be relocating, where new construction is happening, when and where REI meetings are, etc.

Any advice is appreciated!


Grand Rapids is full of opportunity.  Here are a few links that will collaborate this. 

The next REI meeting is Monday night at Buffalo Wild Wings at 6pm and occurs on the second Monday of every month.

Welcome to Bigger Pockets Community! REI and RPOA are good places to start the great people you will meet there will direct you to all the knowledge you would need! Just create a meetup account and search REI and that is where you can keep up with the meetings.

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