Whats Hot in Grand Rapids?

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Hi there!!  I'm relatively new here and I'm trying to extend my investing outside of my local area.  Because of some searches I've done I've come across some properties that I'm interested in, in the Grand Rapids area.  Can anyone tell me the areas that are good to look in?  I've gotten leads from the 49508 zip code.  Is this a good zip code to look in?  Are there others?

Right now, I'm looking at targeting purchase options.

Thanks in Advance!!


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It's hard to go wrong anywhere in Grand Rapids, as long as you buy it right...vacancy rates are really low.  There are a few areas with more crime than others...the 49508 zip is not one of them generally but it's a big zip area...it always pays to check crime websites for activity by block.  Kati Ross is correct about the west side--and that is also true for other fringe areas around GR's redeveloping neighborhoods.  Grand Valley State University is investing heavily on the west side of Grand Rapids.  The corridor she spoke of is along Bridge Street, west of Monroe.  I suspect we'll see higher density development in those areas in the not too distant future as well. Good luck with your investments!

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