Any rental and leasing agents in Berrien County?

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Seeking a rental and leasing agent to show rentals and accept rental applicants in Berrien County, with focus around Benton Harbor. 

Had a property management company and they let me down big time, found the property manager went on vacation and hadn't even shown the latest property yet. Need someone more reliable than that.

Any suggestions or contacts?

Hi Mark, I am looking in the same area.  I have little experience and no properties as of yet, just trying to learn the ropes.  What property management company did you try to work with?  Just curious so I can stay away from them as well. Thanks!

@Marshall Downs (Marshall Downs) might be able to help. BP wouldn't let me tag him so you'll want to click his name and see his profile. Let him know I suggested him! Good luck! 

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If you are looking for a pm or are you looking for more?

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