Pet fees in Grand Rapids

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Hi, my rental management company collects one time non-refundable pet fees and monthly pet fees from the tenants. However, they (the rental management company) keep all the monies. None of those pet fees go to the owner. Is that the usual practice in GR?   

Thanks in advance for your inputs.

@TayBian Yeoh seems shady to me. I would understand them taking the same % they take of rent, but not the entire check. Allowing them the non-refundable fee would be a nice gesture since they will deal with the short-term issues, but ultimately you deal with long-term issues of having a pet in your property and should receive the majority of the monthly fees. Just my two cents...

First of all, non refundable pet fees make the tenants less caring about YOURproperty: refundable security deposit make them take care of the property to get it back

Then, pet rent or any other rent is YOUR income - why would they pocket the money? Actually, pet rent usually get paid together with the rent.

You should read your PM agreement before you sign it. What else is there which hurts you as an owner?!?

Thanks for the replies. I am really disappointed with this PM since my decision to work with them came in part because of recommendations from others on this board. Unfortunately, my experience did not reflect theirs by a long shot. 

I've never heard of a PM taking 100% of the pet fee, maybe a % as stated above. When I was younger, I lived in rentals that did nonrefundable, refundable and a couple, a monthly fee. I feel like as the owner, a refundable fee would make the most sense. As Irena Belkofer stated, it gives them the most incentive to take care of the unit, where as some tenants may figure they don't need to bother as the fee covers all the damage.