Looking for a Grand Rapids Investor

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What type of projects?  I'm an institutional investor but occasionally do small investments in Grand Rapids because it's my home town and gives me an excuse to go back there. 

Would you mind providing a few more details about what exactly your client is looking for? There are a few places that might make sense outside of the usual meetups or RPOA events, but I'm hesitant to throw out friends' contact info without knowing if it might be a match for them. Otherwise, I'm an investor in GR and happy to talk. Your client could also just show up at the RPOA conference happening in a few weeks and there will be hundreds of investors there.

4 bed, 3 bath, 2800 sqft brick home. She is looking for $75k out of it. It's near Division and Dickinson SE. It's halfway remodeled already. She had a lot of work done to it a few years ago.