Suing For Injunctions Against Rental Inspection Ordinances

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     Members of several Michigan REIA Groups and Facebook Groups have expressed interest in funding efforts to sue target cities to obtain injunctions against the enforcement of what may be unconstitutional rental inspection ordinances or to force the cities to consider removing the ordinances or make enforcement of the ordinances fairer for both tenants and landlords. Efforts like this have been initiated in several cities. (Here is a link to an article discussing a class action suit in L.A.) Initiatives have begun in Traverse City and Flint. A Lansing RE Investor Group is exploring an action in Delphi County. The Lansing Group will be meeting at El Azteco in Lansing (1016 Saginaw Hwy., Lansing 48915) at 6 PM this Thursday, March 23 to discuss their initiative. This meeting may be streamed on facebook live or skype.

     If landlords in SE Michigan and other regions were to join this effort or initiate concurrent efforts we should be able to raise significant funds and have a greater impact. It is time for us to force a judgement or two in Michigan to stop the Government overreach that these registration, and inspection ordinances enable.

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That should be Delhi Township, not Deplhi County.

I don't suppose it would be possible to make landlord regulations more friendly as well. The times I have had to take a tenant to court, they are automatically given an extra 10 days, even if they didn't bother to show up to court.

I actually like the inspections. Yes they always find something ( usually small) but I believe it keeps all of us on an even playing field. In the town where I have my multiples the inspector is easy to work with there is no re inspection fee if I just send him a photo of the completed item.

( 1 non working bath fan out of 13 units. 1 inspection every 2 years )

And rents have increased over near by city's with out the inspections.


It depends on the city. 2 municipalities I have properties in are easy. However, a downriver community has a joke of an inspection team. The inspections have multiple errors, and the inspectors are totally uncooperative.
Last year, I questioned (respectfully) items on the report to the head inspector. He asked me if I "had ever done this before"? I replied I have, and have never met this much resistance while trying to honestly comply. I went on to point out his team's multiple errors, ambiguities, and errors in overcharging me for re inspections. Unfortunately, they act like cowboys and need to have checks and balances against them. Also unfortunate, they require an annual inspection.