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Bought a property in Upset sale in Montgo PA - Need Advice to make clean title

Posted Sep 30 2023, 04:42

I have recently bought a property that has not been occupied for several years in Montgomery County PA upset sale. There is no other mortgage or other liens that I can see on the property. The municipal liens should be wiped out using the money I paid the county to acquire the property. The owner passed away in 2013, and the property deed is in her name. But she has a daughter who is living in Delaware.  It takes about 90 days to receive my title. There is no redemption right for the previous owner (or heir) in PA except for Philadelphia county. 


1) I have some cash buyers who are ready to acquire the property under the as-is condition

2) Make basic updates to pass U&O, rent it for two years, and refinance it after to take out my investment and profit. 

3) Make an update to get the maximum value from the property (Bought at $126K, as-is value $165K, and updated value $265K)

The challenge that I am facing is to make the title clean faster without waiting two years so that I can take my investment out and put it into the next foreclosures. I have been advised that you can get a quick turnaround by using or Meridian Title and they can “certify” the deed. What they do is offer a policy to the underwriter of the title insurance company.

Is this the best route, or should I hire an attorney to get a quiet title? I heard it often takes six months, at least.

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