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I am looking to buy a specific note from a finance company, who has been assigned the note from US Bank. I am new to this type of investing and actually would like to purchase the property for my family to move in to. I have contacted the finance company and they are willing to sell the note. Could somebody help me find financing to purchase a note? Is this possible?

Financing notes is hard, financing a single note with no experience is ten times harder than that. Financing an NPN in full including all future advances is not financing it, it is having someone else buy it for you. If you do not have money to pay for this along with money to cover what could be a large amount of money needed to start, continue or finish the needed disposition then you should stop thinking about this asset as a note, perhaps wait until it becomes REO and simply make an offer.

Buying the note does not mean you get ownership of the real property. The borrower has a capacity to redeem or even reinstate. In addition, you may have bankruptcy risk which would stay any of your collection attempts. The property will first go to a foreclosure auction where any third party can bid the property and become the new owner. While you could go and bid along side, if you needed money to buy the note, it is likely you will need money to buy at auction.

If you need financing, then chances are you really are going to be looking at making an offer on the REO to the Mortgagee or a New Owner post auction.

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