Tax Collector doesn't want me to Purchase Subsequent Lien?

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Hi All,

First off thanks for all the knowledge from this site thus far. I just purchased a water lien at a tax sale.

4 months later, I confirmed water bills are STILL unpaid by the homeowner, and I have confirmed the $$ amount owned, but I have tried unsuccessfully to pay this water lien AND ADD it to my current Tax Certificate (recorded from the county).

Whenever I speak to the Tax Collector, she says yes I can pay it, but when I tell her I want to pay it ONLY to add the balance to my outstanding Tax Certificate balance owed so I can collect 18% on the new amount paid, she looks at me like I have two heads.

My assumption was it was possible to add new outstanding liens to my previous Tax Sale purchase. Is this not the case? Thanks much, I'm in North NJ btw.

consult with a tax lien attorney like Michael Pelligrino.

Thanks Ibrahim,

I actually exchanged emails with him a while back but it seems he only does foreclosures.. guess he's busy.

I read his great book which has Affidavit for Subsequent Tax Payments, however when I brought this forward to the Tax Collector (after recording the Tax Sale at County) she had no idea how to add a subsequent water lien to the original Tax Sale.

This is in Bergen County.

I would request the procedure for doing such from the Tax collector and Director of the water dept. In writing. Not sure what else to advise at this point. Sorry.

Thanks I've done both via fax per their request, it seems they are unaware of such a request in this particular jurisdiction.

That sounds really bizarre in my experience. Accepting subs and adding it to a lien has always been second nature to every collector I have dealt with in NJ. I would hate to ask on here what town it is, but maybe it's a new collector or someplace real small (not out of the realm of possibility in Bergen) that doesn't deal with many liens. I'm stumped

I find that very bizarre too. I have paid subsequent taxes in NJ (property, though) with no problem, just meade sure to get receipt and track my check.

There is anyone with more senority in that office you could talk to?

Thank you all, it seems this 1 town's tax collector is not as adept as I have spoken to another town's tax collectors which I just purchased and she was very nice to explain to me what you guys just mentioned.

Are there examples of such Affidavits (1 Affidavit for recording with county, another for Subsequent Taxes) available online or must I usually retain a lawyer? Thanks very much.

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