Abandoned Car on a lot acquired in tax sale

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There's a car on one of the lots that I acquired from a tax sale. It's an old Chevy Impala and had all of its wheels taken off.

The redemption period has passed and I own the deed to the property. It is my understanding that everything that is on that lot belongs to me.

However, the issue with a car is tricky - it's not like most property since it has a title.

How do I go about getting ownership to the car? Am I within my rights to just scrap it?

Have you checked the VIN number on it to see if it's still there??

From there you can contact the DMV and see what is going on with it. Need to know if there is a loan on it or not.

In some areas people push the car to the public street at night and say there is a car blocking the road. I am not saying to do that just what others have mentioned before.

No legal advice.

@Joel Owens - I had a teacher in a property management class that way back in the day would fill evicted tenants cars with the items from inside the property and make sure the car was in a no parking zone. Obviously not a good solution anymore, just reminded me of it.

Depends on the laws in your state , In Maryland , it use to be a car over 10 years old , you didnt need a title to scrap it , But when scrap was at $ 14.00 per hundred guys were stealing older cars right off the street and scraping them . Now you must have a title .  I get 4 or 5 cars a year either  given to me or I get them for 50 to 100 dollars . One junk yard gives $ 400 for ANY complete car , I have the space to keep them and a way to move them so its worth it . 

I would call the local police and see what to do. Most of the time, the best thing to do is get it on the street and they call them. Otherwise, it will be a pain in your butt.

Thanks for the advice guys. Sounds like the thing to do is get the VIN and contact DMV. I'll let you know how it goes.

You can scrap it for around 500 but you can't scrap it unless you have the title to the car.

If contacting the police or DMV doesn't solve your problem then I would call a towing service which will usually take the car off your hands and pay you $100 for it. They will then store the car for a fee which the charge to the loan holder until the loan holder either gives them the title to scrap the car or picks the car up themselves.

Good luck!

I would cal la metal scrapper and have them take it.. its not like anyone is going to come back on you.....

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