Is "Invest In Debt" available anywhere as an ebook?

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I'm anxious to read this book as I've seen it recommended several places on this site an elsewhere...but I'm currently overseas and won't have easy access to a conventional or mail-order bookstore for the time being.  I'd like to download it in an ebook format or pdf.  So far I can't find it anywhere online, but I figured if anyone had it or knew where I could get it, it would be someone on this forum.  



Don't know, check Amazon, but you area aware that it's way out of date and strategies may be illegal now, may contain things only a broker may do. I remember glancing at it decades ago at the library, I didn't see anything that wasn't covered here, problem is you need to dig. You may get a general idea of what goes on but I suggest you not do anything contained in that book as things have changed on all fronts related to notes. :) 

Thanks for the reply Bill.  I checked Amazon already and don't see it.  I'm aware that it's a bit old.  I'm sure everything is mentioned on this site in various threads but I was also looking for a more detailed overview in book form so I could get as much of the "whole picture" as possible in one shot.  Of course I've already learned a lot from these forums and will continue my education here as well.  Any other good reading on notes that you'd recommend aside from BiggerPockets?

@Jamie Greenberg  

If you search on Bills name, Dion DePaoli, or Dave van Horn, you will unearth a load of material on financing, notes discussions amongst it.  Dave also has a series of blog posts on notes here.

There is a new thread just getting underway now, that you may wish to monitor.

Thanks Roy!  Already read lots of posts by Bill, Dion, and Dave over the last few weeks...and I happen to be going through the "Why to Invest in Notes" thread now.  These are all great resources.  My head is already spinning with all the information but I definitely already know way more than I did a few weeks ago (or even yesterday!).  I was just looking for a book that might fill in some of the gaps, reinforce what I already think I understand, etc.  If none exists that's up-to-date...I'll just keep on reading here.  

Read it for free right here - check it out from the Open Library:

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