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The information may be available in the county's appraisal district. You can search online for the exact site pertaining to your county. The information may appear when you search for the address. If not then see if the site has a section for 'property tax delinquents' and go from there. Please let me know if this information helps you.

Do a Grantee and Grantor search. If there is a tax lien it will be listed, yet call the appraisal district to verify. When you  access the site from the net NOT ALL INFORMATION is available to you. Some counties for whatever reason do not keep their sites up to date. You can have a county, city or school district file a tax lien and it will not show up when you do a search on the net.That is why I always call to confirm.                                           

Marko Rubel
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Often tax liens are sold online and their may be a list of the liens sold that you can download. The first place to search is the county website. Next contact the county property tax office. Some areas may have an office specifically devoted to tax sale.  baltimore city does and that would be the people to contact.