Mississippi laws

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Looking for folks who know of tax lien certificate resources specific to Mississippi. County courthouse contact information, sale dates, sale rules... etc...

I suggest you search the county websites. They often have information although just as often it is buried and takes some looking to find. 

Generally the rules are state rules but each county runs there own sale.

@Marc S.   The Mississippi state statutes are Title 27 Chapter 41 here. An interesting note on Mississippi is that the bidding starts at the taxes owed and then you bid a Premium above the taxes.  You DO NOT earn interest on the premium you bid AND if the owner redeems in the 2 year period, you DO NOT get your premium back!

@Ned Carey   is right on the money in telling you to look for the county websites and their information on the annual tax sales.  I seem to remember April and/or August is when most counties hold their auctions.  Interest rate is 18% I believe.  The state is known for being Owner friendly - in other words, they look for any slight breach of the notification rules to nullify the tax sale and get the property back to the owner. Nothing wrong with this, but as an investor you need to have a great attorney who is well versed in the state laws there.

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