How Do I Find The Amount Of Back Taxes Owed????

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Hello BP Community,

So I have a lead from my direct mail campaign, and the owner is older and seems as if he does not have that much longer to live. I have been talking with his daughter, and she is helping him out, but since he can't speak, she isn't able to get much of the info that I need pertaining to the property. She mentioned that he owed back taxes on the property, as well as utilities, but she doesn't know how much, and for how long they have been delinquent. I wanted to ask how would I be able to find this information? I am in Cook County, IL. Any positive feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. 

Taxes can be looked up:

Any utility may or may not be a lien.  If the utility has placed a lien you can find it in the recorders office or through a title search.  The alternative could be pull out the bill and see what it says or call the utility company with the bill in hand to see the balance due.  

Longer overdue taxes could mean a tax certificate was sold and the property could be in jeopardy of being auctioned.  You may want to get someone with a little more experience to help you through all this.  

Some utility liens may not be recorded. Just ignore a water lien, and try to turn the water on. I recommend CALL the utility department, as part of your due diligence.

@Brie Schmidt  is correct, but I also recommend asking the Tax Collector to check. 

Online search can be done at  many counties around the country will have their records online, if not you can get the phone number to call the county.

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