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So, my phone rang, this morning. A sweet little old lady said, "Hello. I just received a letter from you. My name is Lucy O."

I said, "I remember writing to you. How are you?"

"I am fine."

'Please tell me about your house. Does it have a mortgage?"

"No, we paid it off before my husband died."

"Is it occupied?"

"Yes. I live here."

"Are you thinking about selling?"

'Heavens no. I have lived here all my life."

"What is your situation?' (This is my favorite question.)

"I have no situation. You wrote me this nice letter and said you would like to talk with me, so I called. What is on your mind?"...

@Joseph Ball  That is probably much better than the screechers!  Depending of course what you talked about.  :)

Ha!  She was a sweet little blue hair lady. She told me about her grand daughter. We had a nice talk. 

Great story. Thanks for sharing.

HA! Awesome.

I love talking to those kinds of people. I work in a call center and every now and then you get the 90 year old vet who didn't understand the notice and is just looking for someone to talk to. I love spending a good 5-10 minutes just reminiscing their life with them.  

Ryan Dossey, Real Estate Agent in IN (#RB15001099)

Ryan D. I think you just got some new leads that will be coming your via that nice lady. That conversation will be well worth it. Good stuff.

Always great when the homeowners are nice on the other end.  Maybe I'm confused though wouldn't the conversation be a bad thing if you bought a note?  You bought a note, but her house is free and clear?  Maybe I'm looking to deep into this. 

@Arthur Mayer  You are putting too much thought into this, Arthur. I didn't purchase a note. 

This was my standard letter I send out to little old blue hair ladies. That is my source criteria from LISTSOURCE. Little old blue hair ladies. By state and by county. Check it out!

ha! time to update that letter to say "let's talk about your house, not about your past life". :)

have you had success with listsource? i am thinking about trying it.

Awesome story!  Thanks so much for sharing!

That is awesome.  Maybe you didn't make any money, but you made a friend.

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