SEP IRA and Self directed IRA/checkbook IRA

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Is it possible to set up a SEP IRA to be a self directed IRA/checkbook IRA/LLC IRA?

I max out employer sponsored 401k. In addition have a separate C corp and am considering setting up a SEP IRA. Not eligible for Roth IRA.

Would like to able to invest in real estate as part of retirement strategy.    

Many thanks in advance! 


@Marion K.  

Yes, a SEP IRA may be self directed.

You may also want to consider a Solo 401k if your C Corp has no full time employees other than you and potentially your spouse.  The contrilbution capacity of the Solo 401k can be superior to a SEP, and you would have the ability to make Roth contributions to the Solo 401k with no income limit restrictions.  You can participate in more than one employer 401k plan, but just cannot double-up on your employee deferral portion of contributions.


Thanks Brian! The C Corp has only one employee.  Is it possible to have profit sharing contributions by C Corp as well as post tax contributions to a solo 401k or does it have to be one or the other?  

Are there any upper limits to profit sharing to solo401k from CCorp in dollar amounts or just up to 25% of total compensation?  

Does amount deferred by same employee at other employer's 401k impact amount of profit sharing at all by C Corp? 

Any upper limits for employee post tax contributions to a solo401k?

Many thanks!  Marion 

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