How Do You Buy Real Estate Notes?

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how do you buy notes? I am interested in learning the process.

You can buy on the internet at sites like or you can buy from a note seller or by wholesaling from a homeowner that is involved in a lease option or subject to or land contract situation or one of the note schools.  Deals are sometimes presented on Facebook Nationwide Note Buyers or Sellers.  The process varies depending on how you obtain and whether the note is performing or non performing.

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how do you buy notes? I am interested in learning the process.

 Hi Walker,

We typically will purchase individual or small pools from a fund manager or through a credible broker. There are a lot of "broker wannabe's" on the internet and you can waste a lot of time since they don't own the note and may not even have the owners permission to sell it. I would say it would be best that you attend a note conference to learn the basics and meet some fund managers and peers in the business. There are also a few good courses on buying notes that you can buy to learn from home, but this is a relationship business so going to events will be your best resource in the long term.


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