Locating mortgage hedge funds

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Does anyone know where or how to locate a list of mortgage hedge funds.  My online searches have only provided very large funds.

it's such a shadow market that this is hard to really find a listing of funds. Keywords with phrases that center around distressed nonperforming loan funds might prompt some when you dig through. Industry articles from DsNews.com is probably another good source. Feel free to email me as I know a good number just from our REO brokerage as clients. Happy to assist as I can


Thank you so much :-) I will attempt to put together a list to call next week.  I will email you soon.  I hope to move to North CVarolina in the next couple of years.

If you think that you can successfully connect with a hedge fund by online efforts, I think you are in error. It's still a relationship business.

Therefore, you need to attend the events and conferences where they congregate. 

Five Star might be a place to start. They meet several times a year in Dallas.

Others industry groups meet nationally. Look for groups related to debt, foreclosure, loan servicers, asset disposition, etc.

I do not think you'll find National Assiciation of Hedge Funds but you might might Asset Managers and legal groups

I agree with Rick for sure it is a relationship business, and conferences are the best venue. For online access I'd say LinkedIn is your best bet, there are a lot of distressed debt groups there. You will get offers from "joker brokers" who are trying to be middleware on pools they don't control, so be prepared to weed-out those time-wasters.


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