Is anyone currently buying Tax Liens in Indiana? - Looking to get started myself

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I'm seeking some advice from persons currently buying tax liens in Indiana.  I am already involved with real estate in many different ways but I've got funds I'd like to allocate to buy some tax liens.  I understand the general strategy and concept but I am not sure where to get started.  Anyone currently buying tax liens in Indiana that can offer up some advice?  I'd greatly appreciate some direction.  Thank you in advance!

Hi Derek - I don't buy tax liens, but I monitor tax status for the mortgage notes I own and end up on a lot of county tax collector websites.  I have noticed that many of the county tax sites also include information about upcoming tax lien sales and process for bidding, etc.  As a first step, if you haven't already done so, you might check these sites for the counties you are interested in.  

BP Podcast 56 has some good details and insights on tax lien investing.

@Mike Hartzog

Good podcast.  But Indiana does it differently.  IN doesn't bid down the rate and the sales are with the county.

@Derek Gendig I think we are alike. I have been researching about all I can and need to figure out how to start. Would like to go to some other counties' sales before Marion County to get a feel. I got a self directed IRA that I'd like to spend on liens. I'm going, just don't know when or where. They are all in October, I think, in Indiana.    If you go to any and would like company, give me a shout.

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