Tax Delinquent Land List Sorting Information. Help!

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Hey BP community,

Have a question for all you guys that have experience in Land flipping with getting the tax delinquent land lists. I emailed 30+ county treasurers and obtained some lists for free. My problem is the best way to sort this information or even know what i'm looking for. These lists dont seem indicate parcel ids or APN's or even back taxes owed. I read about some people using imacros to search the internet to gather more information, does anyone have experience in this? Looking for the most efficient way to gather this info so i can begin sending out a mailer. Thanks!


I use Microsoft Excel and Access.  Access makes it really easy to query the data and is faster than Excel.  My last list had the taxes on four lines for four different taxing entities and repeated for each year.  It was easy to total them up with an Access query.

 As far as screen scraping I don't know.   I did just buy a list from a county with very specific instructions to include the property address and lot size and they left it off.  Also, It was delivered in a terrible format and I received no response from them when I pointed out the missing data - all that for $100.   It didn't stop me form sending out a mailing though.  

I may have to look into a screen scraping tool in the future when stuff like this happens again.  

@Anthony Favoroso I do some screen scraping and also use outsourcers to screen scrape and get various data from county websites. There are other ways to get lists of properties that have tax liens/certificates sold on them.  They are from commercial providers and cost a little money, but they can save you time.

Take a look at @Seth Williams website. He has videos on how he gathers lists for land flipping.

I have been doing a tax lien list project for just one county and I have over 250 hours into it. It can get crazy trying to find the data you need and then scripting imacros to get it. In this one county I have to get data from the Assessor office, Treasurer office and Recorder of Deeds - and each office uses a different variation of the Parcel number to get the records.  I have to spend a lot of time reformatting just the Parcel numbers to use as inputs for the scripts.

Use - Its a web scraping software that is very easy to use. If you download the list from a site like you can then get a ton of information on the properties. I have done this and it has been extremely helpful to sort through the thousands of liens some counties have to get to the properties which are worth focusing on.


Thanks everyone for the above discussion.  Usually, I respond to questions but I thought I would take a moment to express my gratitude towards all of you (Chris, etc..).  Although I have not used it yet because I just read your post, I think the tool may really come in handy with all of its features.    Thanks Again!

Much Success As You Invest!

I have had great success with . They have video tutorials.

I have created some scripts to scrape zillow, .. realtor, hubzu etc. and I found it very easy to use.  However, I am a software engineer, so its a bit easy for me to code. FYI I have opened sourced my scripts here