Updates on My Tax Liens

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Well, if you notice I had been quite actively previously and literally missing in action the last couple of weeks well here's why!

Remember a while back a wrote a post regarding partnerships and investing styles; well I thought I am a very good communicator and have been quite forthright with my partner on such things as my vision on the properties, rent portion, etc all which my partner indicated he had no ideas and everything I propose sound great.

Shortly, thereafter he went rogue!  He went to talk to the property owners ( which I mentioned that we would not do, but communicate through the letter of law for which our liens are governed.  

I indicated that we should and would consult with a RE attorney, he makes an appointment without me and in which the attorney wanted the certificates.

Well, in summary the 2 primary ( real moneymakers) were redeemed within 1 week of purchase.  Are you wondering if those were the ones which he went to talk to well you're right.  So, not only did we lose the potentially most profitable liens we didn't even receive any interest to boot!

The remaining 2 properties I have the certicates 👌 and haven't moved forward due to his shenanigans.  Recently, he called to ask me if I had made any moves or any new developments.  I literally had to bite my own tail to muffle my screams.

One property still has minimum potential the others potential is suspect; both properties were investments he wanted to bid on site unseen; in addition the overall land and property value didn't interest me yet I took one for the team. 

In closing, very disappointed in this investor/partner.  It is my desire that these properties are redeemed also, so we can part ways before this cat stops biting her tail and let's out one long scream😡

It happens. Looking for the right partners to work with can be a real headache and it should take a lot of time just trying to figure out whether or not you are to partner with them. But look at this as a life lesson and be thankful it didn't cost much! Good luck!!!

I am sorry to hear of your frustrations, and the end outcome of your hard work. Hang in there, and you will always have the chance to do better next time. We were in attendance at the Morgan County Tax Sale as well, I'm sorry that I didn't get to meet you!

Failure and repeated failures lead to the road of success. You aren't going to always hit a home run with every partner. 

Keep doing what you're doing, @La Ferria T. , and don't look back! 

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