Tax Deed Title Insurance in WA

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How to get title insurance after buying tax deed in WA? And when can I sell the property after I buy a tax deed in WA? 

Hello Grace,

Re: Title Insurance in Washington & Selling Property

The best approach is to contact (google) a/few title insurance companies and ask them how long do you have to hold the property before they will offer you title insurance - most usually say about (1) year, but please check with each title insurance company--as some will not but some will after a certain time-period (e.g. 1 year, etc.).

You can market the property "subject to the tax deed that you hold"---just state that in your sales & marketing materials and/or with a realtor/broker if you are working with one.

Also, you may want to seek-out other Tax Sale Buyers/Investors who may be interested in it as-is.

Hope this Help you!  Much Success As You Invest!

Hey there, here in the south west, primarily Utah, title companies make you wait 4 years to insure the title. You can always get with a lawyer and do a quiet title action, they usually take a few months, but at least you can get insurance and advertise the property with a warranty deed and list it for its market value.

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