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Does anyone know how I can acquire the best resources on buying tax liens/deeds on vacant lots. Would love to learn about training's or books on this topic. 

@CHaim K.  I think those are 2 separate topics.  Learning how to buy at tax auctions is one topic.  And learning how to buy and sell vacant land profitably is another separate topic.  I found it very difficult to find any books, courses, etc.. in techniques and strategies to profit from land.  Robert Abalos had a course a while back on just investing in land.  I have never seen anything else.  I heard maybe the Urban Land Institute might have some resources in getting to learn about land.

@CHaim K.

  go to **************   they do many tax sales nationwide very simple to bid.

most proeperties that go to tax sale have dubious values.

@CHaim K.

 bid4asetts   but one more s in there the compter on this site won't less  ss  with an a infront of it.

Try the land geek for vacant land info. He is a member here on BP. Too bad you aren't in Texas, I could help with the tax sales here.

For investing in land there is Jack Bosch, The Land Geek, and @Seth Williams  I just piloted his course and it is good. 

Originally posted by @Harry Asnien :

For investing in land there is Jack Bosch, The Land Geek, and @Seth Williams  I just piloted his course and it is good. 

 Thanks for the info on land education.  So both these guys have courses on techniques for profiting in land?

Yeah, all three of them do. There is also another place called land academy I think. I've seen Jack Bosch and Seth's material. The concept is the same, price and details are different. Just depends on how you like to learn. Listen to the podcast with Seth Williams of you haven't already, that gives an outline of what the process is. Send me a message if you want more details.  

@Harry Asnien Did the courses help out as far as your first land purchase? Can you give any details about your deal? Or how you got it?


The courses definitely helped close my first deal, specifically by giving me a step by step guide on what to do. The REtipster course gives more detail on closing your own transactions in house if that's what you're looking to do. 

My first deal came out of a 200 postcard direct mail campaign. I bought 4 acres for $617 and $1300 in back taxes. I turned around within a couple months and sold it to for $10,000. I actually ended up selling it when I was switching jobs and the extra income definitely gave me peace of mind. 

Best thing I can say is just get started. You can spend a lifetime reading and studying, but if you get started, you can stumble your way through. 

Good luck!


I don't know if this post would be considered spam or not (if so, please feel free to delete it) but if anyone is interested, I run a private free Facebook group called "Land Motivation" for raw land investors which is currently made up of many former and current members of Mark Podolsky's Land Geek program. I am not promoting that program and have no affiliation with it other than I used to be a member myself. I have gone through both the Land Geek program as well as the Jack Bosch program and started this group to allow members to freely share their knowledge and experience about land investing. If anyone is interested in learning about land investing from people who are actually doing it first hand, please feel free to friend me (Jay Mundy) on FB and apply for membership in the "Land Motivation" group. Note: The group maintains a positive, supportive environment - no trolls allowed :)

Tax Lien Certificate School by Dustin Hahn helped me tremendously. Its broken down into simple terms and the price was inexpensive.  I also listen to @Mark Podolsky 's podcast, which gives a lot of good information on Land Investing.

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