Door knocking service for non-performing note investors

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I've been told that NPN investors occasionally need to contact the property owners, and when they can't reach them by phone someone needs to go to the house to talk to them.

Who qualifies as a door knocker for that purpose?

@Assaf Furman

Anybody they can get to do it. Investors reach out to eviction services, real estate agents, process servers to name a few. But anyone will do as long as they understand the job and are willing to act professionally in their duties.

I recommend using a field services company.  Your servicer should have business relationships with them already.

I've used Sand Castle Field Services with success:

@Bill Pohl @Mike Hartzog @Bob Malecki

Thanks for that. Actually, I've figured that since I'm already out there knocking on doors to find leads, I can be of service for note holders or companies who maintain their notes. Not that I'm in anyway interested to generate leads out of those, but in addition to.

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