Forfeited Land

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I've heard of people getting properties for crazy cheap through unpaid taxes. I have found a few properties on the local county website through the Forfieted Land Commision. Does this mean I can purchase these properties by paying the unpaid taxes?  (I apologize in advance if this is an incredibly uneducated question.). 


Short answer is yes.

These are properties that already went through the auction and no one bid on them.

Be extra careful with these and check them out by looking at all the recorded documents at the ROD (Register of Deeds) website or office and drive by these properties to see why no one wanted them at the auction.

I have bought FLC properties and sometimes there are soooo many at auction that no one checked these out and you might find a gem that is covered with a little dirt that can be cleaned off.

If you can fix these up they make great rental properties!

Some have gone through the 12 month redemption period and you can get a deed right away, others still have time left on the 12 month period.

Good Luck!.