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I need help with someone familiar with Chicago ill tax lien properties. A commercial property I was interested in purchasing went unsold at the tax sale this past August. Since the tax sale happens every other year and I missed it, What would be the process to go about buying it?


In SC when a property doesn't sell at auction it goes to the FLC (Forfeited Land Commisuon). They have a second date where you can buy from the FLC.

Your best bet is contact the Delinquent Tax Office and ask them if this property  can still be purchased prior to the next tax auction.

Another question to ask yourself and find out the answer is why did no one want this property at the auction? Dig into to this and make sure there isn't something going one like a environmental cleanup is required or some other reason why no one was willing to bid on this property. You wouldn't want to find out there was a reason after you own the property.


ok thanks John!

Agree with @John Underwood ...There is usually another scavenger sale for properties that don't go on the annual tax sale but it is not advertised.  You would have to check with the county on when that one is taking place. 

thx Jerry!

I totally agree with John & Jerry above. I did a quick search for Cook County Delinquent Real Property Tax Foreclosure Process 

Here is a link for the Annual Tax Sale:

Here is the link for the Scavenger Tax Sale:

Since I don't see any information to a specific date about the these sales I think You need to call the: Cook County Treasurer's Office, 118 North Clark Street, Room 112, Chicago, Illinois  60602

(312) 443-5100

I hope this helps.

I agree with Mark but you are leaving out information that is needed to answer your question.  What year was sold?  In August 2013 was just sold.  If thats the case, you have nothing to worry about.  Keep proceeding with the deal.  If you order a tax bill today, they will take a few weeks to get back to you because they were just recently sold.  I was down there ordering a few last week. 

If the property was offered at a annual tax sale and no one bid on it, it is considered "forfeited." Such properties can be purchased via a forfeiture sale, commonly known as an over the counter tax sale. It is difficult to get information on these types of properties and tax sales through Cook County or it's websites.

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