Tax Lien & Deed Sales in Hamilton County, Ohio. ADVICE NEEDED!

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Hey Everyone, 

Just getting started in out RE Investing and have been hearing about purchasing tax liens, and deeds to get HUGE deals.  I have been researching and have found some really good information but still cannot find any specifics for how they work in Hamilton County, Ohio.  Does anybody have any experience in this area?  Any information would be very helpful. 



I am in a similar position to you - just starting out and trying to learn the basics. I have read a lot of material and typically to get information on the tax lien sales or tax deed sales google search for the tax assessor or treasurer's website of the county you are interested in. 

Hamilton County is here:

Looks like the tax lien sale is in October! You should call the number on the website and ask some questions about how the bidding works, etc. Let me know what you find out!



Please Note: All eligible liens will be auctioned as a single block. The county does not sell individual

tax lien certificates. As in all Ohio counties selling tax certificates, the bulk sale or auction of tax

certificates in Hamilton County is not designed for individual investors.

All Liens are sold off as a single block (for millions to big institutional investors). You might want to check out some of the counties in Kenctucky. I am almost certain you can buy individual tax liens there.

Well that's unfortunate.  

Looks like you found your answer before I could respond.  I have had several visits with the county over the last few years and it seems very little has changed.  Most of Ohio is similar. My company operates exclusively in Indiana and Florida tax sales.  More opportunities.

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