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I'm starting to look into turnkey rentals. I have seen lots of good cash flowing turnkeys brought up here in the Midwest. Does anyone have any experience with Kansas City or Indianapolis turnkeys?

Excellent cash flow in Kansas City.  

Message me for info 


I know lots of folks buying turnkeys in both markets. The Indy provider I know has been blowing people away with great customer service too (hard to come by a lot of times with turnkeys). I work with turnkeys in several markets and own only turnkeys myself.

@Drew Cameron Check this video out too. Chris runs one of the largest turnkey operations on the planet and is a straight shooter. He is a fairly active BP member and writes a TK blog on BP. He has been around this turnkey block a couple thousand times. Literally he manages over 2000 in different cities. Also check out turnkey-reviews.com and then rentfaxpro especially before you buy. Make sure you triple check the actual locations with rentfaxpro. Indy and KC seem like popular TK markets still.

Good luck with your search!

@Drew Cameron I have worked with and had good experience with FS Houses @Ryan Mullin in Indianapolis, and many investors had had good things to say about them.   Thanks  Brett

@Drew Cameron I second what Brett said about FS houses. I am currently and have dealt with @Ryan Mullin and @Ashley Mullin in the past at FS houses and they are good honest people who treat everyone they deal with fairly.

There are other good TK providers in Indy as well, just depends on where you want to invest. They all have their specialities.


Hey Drew, shoot me a PM or email.

@Drew Cameron

@Ali Boone is a promoter for Maverick. If you are going to look in the Indianapolis market I suggest that you ask the locals who actually work in this market, not someone who pretends to think they know whats going on. 

You should never trust anyone who doesn't put their addresses on their website, BIG RED FLAG, says they are hiding something. Next question is, what else are they hiding?

If you need to speak to someone who is in CA then I suggest that you talk to @Mike D'Arigo at least he knows the neighborhoods, has direct contact to a team here, and he stays in tune with Indy market. 

If you want to talk to an out of state buyer, who has done his due diligence, and is an active investor in the Indy market then you should reach out to @Account Closed . He will tell straight up what to watch out for. 

@Drew Cameron  I just returned from a trip to Kansas City where I met with several turnkey providers.  I did the same in Indianapolis in March, where I do have some investments.  Go ahead and PM me so I can share with you what I learned.

@Drew Cameron we've been involved with turn key properties in both those markets for 6 years and know them well. I'd be happy to share my insights with you. Feel free to DM or call me.

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