Tax deeds in the state of Alabama

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I am interested in purchasing tax deeds in the state of Alabama but I am new to this and was wondering if anyone could tell me the cost of foreclosure and the steps

You do not foreclose tax deeds in Alabama.  If you buy deeds from the State of Alabama inventory, you must take and hold continuous possession of the property for 3 years to burn off judicial redemption rights.  At any time before then, the taxpayer, his heirs or assigns can redeem. In addition, you must send certified mail return receipt letters to all lienholders (mortgages, IRS, judgement, etc) who had liens on the date of the auction.  They have one year after receipt of your notice within which to redeem.

Thanks for the help but if you purchase one that is past the three year redemption period how do you gain clear title to the property

Hi @Lynford Pilgrim .  I think @Denise Evans is saying that you personally have to have continuous possession

of the property for 3 years.  I now I saw the "3 year" mentioned on the Dept of Revenue site, and I thought the same - that it was clear after it had been taken by the State.

I just did read your blog and found it very helpful, thank you for all your help

I made an offer online with the state of alabama to purchase a tax deed and was wondering how long it usually takes them to reply

It depends on how many people are ahead of you in line for that same property.  Each applicant ahead of you adds about 30 days to the process.  If they are swamped, if the county delays getting numbers to them (Jefferson County is always slow) or if they've stopped giving out quotes because new tax year is being assessed, all can lengthen the time.

I have several tax deeds in Alabama for sale. You could rent out property for income or if you find heirs send them a informed letter and offer to buy their redemption rights out. Make a modest offer. Ms. Dense Evans has worked with me in the past with property deals in Alabama. U could rent out property or make it for low income housing. Many possibilities. It’s up to you.

Nothing left in Lee county. Only one left in Bessemer cty. Would be a good rental or for low income housing individuals. Fixer upper. My attorney has done ejectment and sheriff department has done lock out. Handyman cleaned and secured property. 

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