Looking for note servicer/broker in St. Louis

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I'm not in St. Louis but I do love talking notes and strategies. You want a buddy on the ground - I get it. Will pass this on to note investors in the area.

@Drew Poniewaz , We do business all over the US. I just foreclosed on a property in Florissant, MO and evicting the borrower. You could call me if you wanna talk about notes and strategies. I am on the PST though but love talking about notes :)

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Thank you for your responses. I would love to make a connection. I am looking to get into the note business and would like to know where I can start buying. That's the reason that I was curious if there was someone in my area. Investing only in my market is not a concern of mine. I am thinking on getting started with seconds and would love to start looking at some tapes. Please let me know in what capacity you are already in the business and how we can connect. I look forward to talking to you.

2nd's are right now overpriced and scarce.  Missouri is a great market but its also a popular market so I'd look to focus on another 3-4 states as well so you have enough opportunities.  There are a couple of large Facebook groups and Linked In groups that you can network with as well as here on BP.

I don't understand how a foreclosure from the 1st lien affects the 2nd lien. Does the first wipe out the second completely if it is settled for less than what is owed on the first? Also, how does buying a non-performing first during the foreclosure process affect the foreclosure process and the note?

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Good thread.  I too would like to be active in conversations with anyone who focuses on notes.  Looking to accumalate more for our portfolio.  

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