Tax Liens and Interest Payments

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How must interest do tax liens pay? Is there a minimum to expect/max?

Originally posted by "marks":
How must interest do tax liens pay? Is there a minimum to expect/max?

Depends on the state, CO last year I believe was 15%. Arizona is always 16% and FL is always 18%. Now note that AZ and FL are bid down states, the winner is the one that offers the lowest acceptable interest rate -- kinda sucks unless you find a county that doesn't have too many investors.

Some states offer penalties instead of interest. These are great. It a Lien pays 25% penalty then if you were paid tomorrow you would get the whole 25%. If you were to get interest say 12% that is only 1% a month.

what states do penalties and do you have to be resident to invest in a state?

To find the answer to these type questions, you must consult the State bylaws. These state bylaws usually give the "guidelines" by which the cities/counties must abide by. Theses quidelines usually give them options which they can choose, depending upon the type of sale they are conducting. This is why the rules vary by counties within a state.

Be very careful with any responses that are not county and State specific as something always seems to be left out, which often costs you more than the deal is worth.

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