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I was wondering what systems you are using in your note business to ensure all your files are properly organized from tapes to collateral files. I have a process that will work for small number of notes but i would like to improve my process. Thanks for the suggestions.

Hi @Wesley Wells

I have a folder on my computer for TAPES and then subfolders for my different sources. Within each subfolder, I save the tape with the original name but I add the date I received it in this format at the beginning of the excel name:   101117 (for one that I'd get today). So if someone sent me a tape called "October NPNs" I'd rename it "101117 October NPNs."  Makes it handy too if you see an asset you know you've seen before, you put partial address in the search box in Windows Explorer for the "TAPES" master folder and see how many files it appears in and how far back they go. I'm buying an asset now that went back to January. Good to know in negotiations!

Oh, and my computer is automatically backed up to the cloud every night.

With collateral, I just have folders by address and they are all in a safe deposit box at the bank. Not sure what I'll do when I have a massive number. I'm already approaching that. 

We store all of our files on Googledrive so they can be shared by all 3 partners in our company and shared as-needed with our VA. Here is a screen shot of the hierarchy we use. Putting a number in front of the folder name keeps everything in consistent order.

Yes yes we have a template of blank folders that we just copy and paste into a new master folder

Great idea asking about this. This is one of time things that is always in the background that I think about but seems to get pushed off. I’m very curious to see what other people say. 

What I basically do is create folders and sub folders for each property, unit, etc. I can find everything effectively, but in all honesty, it’s an area where I feel I have some room for improvement with what system is utilized and my awareness and knowledge of those other systems. 

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