Lien Theory vs Title Theory State

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Hello All:

Is it advantageous to Create Owner Created Note/Broker Notes in Lien Theory State/s on account of the Non-Judicial Foreclosure process?

Can someone knowledgeable elaborate on the perceived pro and con of Creating/Brokering Notes in Lien Theory State as against one created in Title Theory State? (My understanding is that: Lien Theory State Foreclosure takes longer and cost prohibitive from an investment standpoint)

Am I wrong in my assumption? Can some Pl clarify?

Thanks in Advance for your valued input.

Attached is the image of Lien Theory State and Title Theory State for your reference.

Kishore P

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Originally posted by @Account Closed :

@Kishore P. The ones with  "T" on your map are the fastest and cheapest to foreclose on by far.

 Thank You, Mike for your quick response. 

Kishore P

the difference is in the foreclosure process.. has nothing to do with creating or brokering.. other than license issues if owner occ. or in states Like Oregon were any creation or a lien on a 1 to 4 requires state and NMLS licenses.. there are about 12 states that require this  Nevada being another and CA  has license issues.  other states like Washington , Mississippi  Texas etc as long as its business purpose no license required.

@Jay Hinrichs: Appreciate you responding to my post. Can you clarify follow questions?

 Which 12 States need NMLS Licenses?

Thank You


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