Georgia Tax Deed (Redemption Period)

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Hello all,

If you purchase a tax deed in Georgia, is there anyway to get around the 1 year redemption period (assuming that the owner doesn't redeem)? For example, having the owner Quit Claim Deed the property to you?

Thank you!


@George Harris

Absolutely you can get the owner/s to sign a QCD for the property, then you go pay the back taxes.

The closer to the time frame they are about to lose the property the more motivated they will typically be to get something before they lose it all.

Many of these people are planning on paying and they do right before the redemption period is about to end.

Many pay on the absolute last day before they are to lose property.

I have been approached by a tax sale attorney who claimed that he can push (thru legal system) the process in 3-5 months - especially on vacant, abandon properties. I haven't tried to validate the claim !!!!

@John Underwood In Georgia, we have to pay those taxes as soon as the auction is over and any taxes that come up during that 1 year redemption period. I'll definitely look into it though. Thanks! 

@Kiet N. Interesting. Can you provide the attorney's contact info here (or pm if that's not allowed here)? Thanks!

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