Financial Education Curriculum (Entrepreneur perspective)

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Hello BP community, 

Any help would be appreciated!  I'm doing a Financial Education course for my church and am putting together a curriculum now.  I'm looking for any feedback or insight in terms of topics/structure.  The course will be done from an entrepreneur's perspective versus an employee's viewpoint).

I'm currently at:

Investing/Cash Flow
Rich Dad's Cash Flow board game

Thanks in advance!!! Martin


I teach Chemistry (year long), Business (1/2 year) and Finance (1/2 year) at the High School level. Each one of my courses has a culminating project.

For Business (in addition to simulations):

A semester long project called "Find My Next Investment Property" - which is exactly what it sounds like. The trick is, they then have to present it to me and get me to "buy" what they are selling. I give them a bit of a grilling, but not too bad. I tell them if they do it right, they can pay for their university from the cashflow.

For Finance: 

I do a typical "stock market simulation" where they start with 100K. Highest value at the end gets the "A". I will probably try to add in the cash flow game to that course.

For Chemistry:

They have to create a lab to solve a real world problem, and everything (including the student) has a cost. They are given a budget, and they must stay within budget to make top marks. If they don't, they can't get an "A". Really, really sends them for a bit of a loop.

You might consider doing some sort of project that puts all your ideas together in such a way that your students get a head start on their investing when they are done. Simulations, real world problem solving, and encouraging them to actually do what they are learning will work wonders. 

Hope that helps!

Good Luck,


Jim, thank you for the time you took putting this down for me.  I really appreciate your thoughts.  I like the simulation concept for sure.  I'm going to see how best to integrate that into the program.  

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