Online bidding vs live auction

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I’m inquiring about the upcoming auction. I saw online there is an online bidding auction and also a live auction at Jefferson County Courthouse Jan 21-26, 2018. My question is has anyone ever did online bidding? Is it almost the same as live bidding? 

Online bidding shows a starting bid amount, but the live properties don’t.

My plan is to go view the homes ASAP with a contractor to see if worth investing. However, I’d like to be somewhat prepared or know about the asking price/what type of property the homes listed on live bidding ( tax liens, bank owned, etc). 

Hello Niqque. I live in Hoover AL. Ive never been to an auction here. Im interested in real estate, but Im pretty much a newbie. Maybe we could connect one day

Hello Henry! I’m from zhoover, I live in Homewood now and I’m also a newbie just trying to be aggressive with investing now. All I know is that there’s an auction in a few days and tax sale in May.

The auction in January is just a mish-mash of surplus personal property and bank foreclosures. It's not a tax auction.

Yes I figured...ok thanks. Do they have the auctions weekly? However, I am focusing on tax lien/deed properties 

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