Tax Lien Investing Potential

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Anyone know about tax lien investing?  Specifically Tony Martinez of US Tax Lien Association. Sounds too easy, must be a catch to it. Thanks for any input.

you can make money tax lien investing but you will need to be an expert or become one by either learning By either doing it or taking some educational classes. Either way education is important. 

Their samples of getting title to the  properties for penny on the dollars is once in a blue moon opportunity and is very rare.  

Also Due diligence is just as important as education. 

I have recently started investing in Tax Certificates/Liens (and deeds).

The key thing I have learned so far is that every county (and city) not to mention every property in terms of practicality of the law is different.

No action happens on its own, and every action will almost certainly require a payment. 

Keep this in mind.

If your looking for a course - I would recommend spending a good chunk of time to figure out where you would like to invest first. 

Maybe 30-40 hours of researching would get you a good start on this (and would be free).

Roman M, David Tubesing, thank you both for the advice.

I went to a free 2hr class one night with a $20 gift certificate.  I think it was this group, but maybe a different presenter.  I know some basics, and the guy in the seminar flat out lied to people several times, gave a lot of bad information.  Texas is different than a lot of places, but from what I saw in the 2 hr class was so bad, I could imagine paying for more bad info.

My thought is go to the next sale.  Get the list before the sale.  Don't plan to buy at your first sale.  Do all your research.  Go see the properties.  Know what the values are.  See who bids, how much they bid, network, ask questions, ask people who win questions, ask people who loose questions.

Bid small on the next sale after this one.  Buy neighborhoods you know.

@Paul Wiseman I am currently a student of Tony Martinez & Saen Higgins, and can tell you their educational program is excellent.

But neither theirs nor any other educational program can replace diligent research. You must get to know county rules for participating in the auctions, bidding, buying over-the-counter, submitting your payment, how to receive your money after a lien has redeemed, and a number of other things. And research is key. You don't want to invest in anything you haven't done your homework on. I dare say deeds require more thorough research than liens, but both require you to do research. 

Yes, investing in liens can be easy, and fun. But ONLY after you learn the rules and know how to play the game.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Bruce Lynn, thanks, good advice.

@Paul Wiseman BP recommended a book I just read called “Profit by investing in real estate tax liens“, by Larry B. Loftis, Esq. I think he does a pretty good job of explaining the overall process, even though the book was written in 2005.

@Paul Wiseman I went to US Tax Lien association course several years ago, participated tax sales since 2012.  I am still learning because I am not getting the investment revenue as people would said "buy house in pennies for dollar".

Like others mentioned, research is the key, due diligence is a key to success.

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