need info on tax deed states that is more profitable to invest

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I need guidance on tax deed states that is more profitable that others.

@Kashif Riaz - there is no answer to this question, it’s like asking which states you can make more $ on in any real estate deal. It depends on the asset and the market. Tax deeds and tax liens are ultra competitive and you are competing against hedge funds, institutional buyers and local investors. Can deals be found - absolutely but it’s not state by state

If you were looking for which states are the “easiest” to invest in that would be a different question altogether and easy does not mean profitable as if it was easy then everyone would be doing it

You are in one of the best places for tax deed sales-Texas.  Send me a PM and I will let you know where you can get training and assistance.

@Arnie Abramson would you recommend setting up an LLC in Texas to purchase tax deeds? I currently have an LLC in Ohio for a property I own there, as well as an LLC in Wyoming for a company that does not involve real estate. How tenable, in your opinion, is it to be living in Colorado in purchasing tax liens/deeds in Texas with online options at this point in time?

Ryan Haley - Not sure I understand your question.  We have a number of investors outside of Texas that buy tax deeds here.  Online options - at this point only one county has their auctions online but eventually there will be more.  I can probably talk more about both of these things better on a phone call.  Please send me a PM and we connect that way if you wish.

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