Investing in a property that is upside down

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I have a lady who took out a mortgage on her property for 391 K she has paid 7 K in the property her first 10 years of owning the property was straight interest and she did not get to make payments towards the properties total cost until after the 10 years was up which is when she just paid the 7K she wants out of the home the property value has dropped to 350k which means that her mortgage that she owes the Stihl 391 so in order to get her back current I want to figure out a strategy that can get her back current that I can also make money on in a real estate deal transaction and also get her out of a tight situation

@Danny Pollard , there is probably no deal here. No equity, no deal. There was a time when you may have been able to negotiate a short sale at a price that made sense, but in today's market there is no incentive for the bank to do that.

I agree.  No way to make money on that deal if there is no equity and if it is underwater.

If you could get it for $0 down with her carrying the mortgage, and it would cash flow well, it would still be a gamble to consider but the risk would still be on her.  I doubt it would cash flow in this situation though and I wouldn't take the risk.

She needs to attempt a loan modification if she wants to keep or sell via short sale. Charging for a loan modification upfront is illegal in most states and the rules around licensing etc to do this service varies also from state to state. 

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