Tax Liens Dekalb and Cobb County

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I have recently acquired some information on multiple redeemable deeds in these counties. This seems like a very interesting form of investing. Does anyone have advice on how you obtain ownership after you pay the lien, how do you actually bear any interest in the property?

GA is a "hybrid" tax deed state  - a tax deed with 12 months redeemable period system.  

The premium for redemption is 20% within the first 12 months. It jumps to 30% the day after.

After the 12 months, the new deed holder needs to file a barment - foreclosure of redemption - to take ownership of the property. 

@Maria Fortner your post hit all marks: lien, deed, interest (premium), ownership for one question of a complex system. A little break down would clarify the question  !   

@Kiet N. Thanks for the feedback. I do have a specific unique situation though, this is a commercial property that doesn't have a tax lien but a water lien. I called the water dept and they said I could pay the lien but then where would my right or interest in the property lye...

@Maria Fortner

Water lien has no legal right to the property, if you pay for it as a 3rd party.

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