FCI Requires You to Use Their Foreclosure Lawyers?

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Why does FCI servicing require that you foreclose with only their appointed foreclosure lawyers?

How does FCI handle defaulted land contact deals when a full foreclosure is not required ? I would assume some sort of legal process is also required to gain possession back on the property ?

We have several land contract notes in our portfolio and just wanted to gain the knowledge in the event of default in the future.

Any advice is much appreciated.

Best regards,

@Scott Taylor We just transferred some of our loans to FCI for the first time and we haven't had any issues with using our trustees or attorneys. I recall their paperwork saying something about them initiating foreclosure but the explanation I received was that FCI didn't want the investor/lender initiating FC without letting FCI know beforehand so that they could verify that the FC was in compliance. I think FCI is limiting its liability by preventing lenders from initiating illegal FCs. Just my opinion....

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