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I just went to tax lien seminar and they said if I pay the $597 I get 3 day class plus free software. They claimed you could search and buy available certificates straight from the program. No auction or competition. Is that possible? How does that work? Since everywhere I read says auction, unless it didn't sell, the you can buy over the counter. Can someone explain. Thanks

@Edward Conde I think, emphasis on think, the only way that could be true would be if they already paid the delinquent taxes on a property and are selling the liens they already have. Or they have notes they are selling or accepting investors for. I could be wrong but that is what it sounds like to me.

Also, most of those courses sell the weekend for $x, at the weekend course they try to sell more classes and mentorships for tens of thousands of dollars. Maybe not this one, but most operate that way.

@Edward Conde I am not specifically familiar with that group but they are either giving you a list of over the counter liens that you could buy without them or they are selling liens they already own. If they are selling their own liens they must be selling them at a premium to make a profit or they are selling the crap they don't want. 

Despite claims of those marketing classes and software for tax liens it is pretty risky if you don't know the specific law of where you are buying the liens.  Many liens are on crap properties, There is a reason people don't bother to pay the taxes on them. 

Many of the over the counter (leftover liens) are also junk, there is a reason no one else bid on them in the regular auction. Baltimore city just had their auction. There were about 5.000 liens leftover that no one bid on in the main auction.  My partner and I screened those liens very carefully and came up with a list of only 21 that we thought were worth buying.

Ned Carey

 I just went to this seminar. They have a website which lays out all the Tax liens for sale. Then you can go to google earth within the site and check the property. It seemed legit. 

 But all of it is based on Over the Counter buying. Which what I think you are saying is damn near worthless. 

What is the best way to learn tax liens? Is there a website which will layout the Tax Liens for sale or was that just a pipe dream to get easy money from those seeking knowledge? 

Thanks Ned

Roman Scott

so i just bought my first otc tax deed this year in st louis mo and did pretty good, $2k bid for 3/1.5bth house still occupied by previous owners tenant. House is worth about $45k on paper and $25k cash, neighborhood is not the best but in my research anything otc is not going to be in beverly hills and those houses hardly ever go to a tax sale and when they do it goes for almost retail...