Tax Certificates on vacant land

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You probably should give written notice to vacate to the owner, wait six months, and file an ejectment lawsuit. it is the safest way to legally take possession of vacant land.  This issue of possession has critical consequences to expiration of judicial redemption rights, curing a void tax sale, and avoiding short statute limitations that allow the taxpayer to regain the property without paying the investor anything at all. Easy to avoid these problems, you just have to know to file the ejectment lawsuit. If the taxpayer redeems, they will also have to pay your legal fees for the ejectment.

@Gene Walker , @Harry Williams an ejectment lawsuit where the defendant does not answer and you take a default judgment should be around $750 in legal fees. If the the defendant answers and there are  motions and a trial, it it just the attorney's hourly rate for as long as the defendant is able to drag things out.