Central Kentucky note investors

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Anybody working much with notes in Central KY? I'm new and hoping g to find others who are interested or if there are some solid performing notes I can invest in with my Roth to begin taking some action. Thanks!

@Jesse Palmer

I'm still fairly new to the note space, but the notes I've written on Kentucky are the requirements to do business in KY are high...  I'm tracking debt collectors license is required and a million dollar bond.

Again I'm new, but the advice I received from podcasts ect was to avoid KY due to the high requirements.

I know your looking to network with local investors, but with the high requirements in KY you may open your radius up to surrounding states as well.

My exact Notes:


  • Million Dollar bond required
  • Avoid this state for note investing

Hope this helps.

Jeff V

@Jeff V. Jeff, thanks a million for the information. I'm ultimately just hoping g to network and completely open to invesing in other states. I've been window shopping a few first position notes but much like U2, I still haven't found what I'm looking for....or can afford just yet! Thanks again!

Get in touch with Michael Rogers, we actually went to a meeting about Notes on Friday. If you haven't already joined the local REIA, you should do so. The Facebook group for the Lexington area is named Bluegrass Real Estate Investors Group. The group and meetings are free. The next meeting is August 30 at 6:00 at the UK Federal Credit Union over on Alysheba Way.

@Joe Marcum Hi Joe, I thought you looked familiar! I attended and really enjoyed it. I'm a little lean right now for the course but hoping to find a reputable note seller. I've been looking at AWB, PPR, and ACI to invest my Roth in a first position performing note. If anybody has any recommendations, I'm all ears and would appreciate it.